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1 Parallax Panel Regions Module
This module Allow you to add Parallax effects for panels regions backgrounds, the module will add new style to all panel regions. 26
2 Facebook Page Plugin Module
The Page Plugin is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. The Like Box enables users to: 56 409
3 Booking and Availability Management Tools for Drupal Module
BAT stands for Booking and Availability Management Tools. 6 045
4 Views PDF Module
With this module you can output a view as a PDF document. Each field of the view can be placed on the PDF page directly in the administration interface. Therefore a new display called "PDF" is added. 71 017
5 Feeds FTP Fetcher Module
A Feeds plugin that will fetch files from an FTP server. 2 009
6 Page Theme Module
The Page Theme module is a simple and easy module to use which allows to use different themes than the site default on specific pages. 28 015
7 Unpublished Nodes Redirect Module
Unpublished Nodes Redirect is a simple module to allow admin users to setup redirects for each node type on their site. They can also set different types of redirects per node type. Developers can alter the node type list if required. The redirect will only effect anonymous users, if you have admin users that do not have permissions to view unpublished nodes, they will still see a 403 Access Denied for these pages. 0
8 Media AV Portal Module
Media AV Portal adds European Audiovisual Services as a supported media provider. 470
9 Title Module
A co-maintainer is badly needed for this project. If you feel qualified to apply, please get in touch! 485 657
10 Paybox Module
This module offers a function which will return the path and query to the payment page: paybox_pay($cents, $order_id, $payer_email, $destination = '', $devise = 'euro') The returned array can be used as $form_state['redirect'] in a form submit function. It also provides a hook to manage payment status (currently no public key verification though, so that only info from is fully reliable). 1 615
11 Feeds Fetcher Archive Module
Fetcher plugin for Feeds which imports files from all currently supported archive formats. 0
12 Better Exposed Filters Module
The Better Exposed Filters module replaces the Views' default single- or multi-select boxes with radio buttons or checkboxes, respectively. Description fields and Select All/None links can be added to exposed filters to make for a better user experience. 563 888
13 Hook Update Deploy Tools Module
This module contains several HookUpdateDeployTools::methods to help manage programatically: 4 445
14 Archibald Kickstart Distribution
An Archibald-flavored Drupal installation, with everything you need to get started. 360
15 XML Sitemap Per Node Type Module
The XML Sitemap Per Node Type module provides the additional context for XML sitemap module that allows creating sitemaps per content type. 258
16 SSL Assistant Module
Assistant to administer SSL certificates. 34
17 Office appointments Module
Appointments is a configurable module that lets you set a calendar (days and active hours) and receive reservations requests for the available dates, for different offices. 0
18 SimpleViews Module
A streamlined interface for building Views. Administrators make a few simple choices (What kind of content should be listed? Do I want to sort by date, or by title? etc.) and a view is generated on-the-fly. Because the Views API is used, the resulting views can be modified using the full Views UI module. 21 725
19 Elasticsearch Connector Module
Elasticsearch Connector is a set of modules designed to build a full Elasticsearch eco system in Drupal. It is using the official Elasticsearch PHP library. You can also view the github repo. One of the biggest companies are using Elasticsearch for big data - check this out. The ambitions of this module is to help Drupal handle big data at any kind and make it scalable. You can find more about Elasticsearch here - 17 494
20 Dimpact WIM Distribution
WIM is a free reusable website model designed by and for municipalities. With WIM each municipality can have a great online presence; quickly and at minimal cost. The WIM sites are a cooperative initiatives of the Cooperative Association Dimpact from The Netherlands. Our goal is to achieve a modern integrated public service. We do this in partnership to encourage the reuse of technology, knowledge and resources between municipalities. 705
21 Facebook Comments Social Plugin Module
This modules implements the official Facebook Comments Social Plugin. 125 540
22 Mica Client Module
2 062
23 Drupal Commons Distribution
Drupal Commons is a "community collaboration website in a box" built on Drupal. 335 823
24 AFAS API Module
This module can be used to connect Drupal with AFAS's Profit back-office software. It's an API module which means it does not do anything by itself but can be used by other modules to make a connection with AFAS the Drupal way. 2 936
25 Clear Cache Module
This is a basic drupal module. Empties cached tables, rebuilds the menu cache and theme registries, and invokes a hook so that other modules' that cache data can be cleared as well. See for the cache flush_all_caches documentation. 1 772
26 Image Annotator [Annotorious] Module
Image Annotator module allows users to annotate on node images. 102
27 Tin Can API Module
The Tin Can API project is a suite of modules that provide various points of integration with the Tin Can API/Experience API. The module(s) can be used to track many different types of user interaction such as viewing nodes, clicking links and watching YouTube or Vimeo videos via the Media module. The Tin Can API module can also act as a framework to track custom statements. 1 125
28 Rules Reldate Module
Rules Reldate adds an action to Rules that allows you to create a new variable that is a relative date from a given date field value. By default Rules allows you to add an offset to a date fields, however the duration settings of Rules limits that to an arbitrary amount of time. 0
29 Date Icon Module
This module extends the date_popup module (part of Date) to provide a JQuery UI icon datepicker. 137
30 Javascript Timer Module
The oldest of all of the 'jquery countdown timer' modules! The Javascript Timer module provides a timer api that can hook html elements to javascript widget objects. This is useful if you want a moving timer/clock or a widget that updates every second. It comes with widgets for a count-down timer, a count-up timer, and a clock. It uses jQuery and a single event loop to handle as many timers as you need on a single page. 23 353
31 Glazed Free Theme
Contributed by SooperThemes Premium Drupal Themes 4 321
32 Report Field Module
Report invalid fields on the site. For example, field that displays e-mail address or telephone number has wrong address/number. This module allows user to report that field as invalid. If registered user report field, it will be automatically marked as invalid, displaying text entered in configuration form. For anonymous users, e-mail with confirmation link will be sent. 204
33 Commerce Hipay Module
Hipay Fullservice integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system. 190
34 Commerce OTP Hungary Module
Implements Credit card payment services on Hungarian OTP bank ( interface for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system. 923
35 Anti Spam by CleanTalk Module
Anti spam module by CleanTalk to protect your Drupal sites from spam bot registration and spam comments publications thru comment and contact forms. 6 685
36 Last Updated Module
The Last Updated module provides a checkbox on the node form that allows editors the choice to display an "Updated" date in addition to a "Submitted" date. 0
37 Glazed Drupal CMS Distribution
Human-friendly Responsive Drupal Development. Enjoy the Bootstrap 3 integration that makes Drupal fun again. 49 167
38 Glazed CMS Bootstrap Blog Module
Contributed by 19 223
39 GoogleTagManager Module
This Google Tag Manager module allows non-technical stakeholders to manage the analytics for their website by triggering the insertion of tags and tracking systems onto their page(s) via Google's Tag Manager (GTM) hosted application. 51 437
40 S3 File System Module
S3 File System (s3fs) provides an additional file system to your drupal site, which stores files in Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) or any other S3-compatible storage service. You can set your site to use S3 File System as the default, or use it only for individual fields. This functionality is designed for sites which are load-balanced across multiple servers, as the mechanism used by Drupal's default file systems is not viable under such a configuration. 49 097
41 Developer Mode Module
Limit access to the Drupal admin panel for your clients. CMS functionalities like create, edit ,delete content, Changing site configurations can be disabled for all the CMS user's except those without specific permission. 35
42 Feedback Collect Module
The Feedback Collect module allows site builders to add feedback forms to their sites and gather end user feedback, bug reports or any kind of suggestions. It is highly customizable. 703
43 Commerce Transbank Webpay Module
This module integrates Transbank's Webpay with Drupal Commerce payment. 1 554
44 Glazed CMS Bootstrap Portfolio Module
A contribution. 18 300
45 Glazed CMS Bootstrap Core Module contributed this module 22 132
46 Glazed Theme Helper Module
This module contains features of Glazed theme that can't live in the theme itself. 0
47 MultiBlock Module
Drupal's block module is limited by the fact that a block can only have one instance. Each block has a 1:1 relationship with its region, weight, visibility (and other) settings. This means that it is impossible to have blocks in multiple regions or to have blocks that have different settings on different pages. 103 028
48 Webpay Module
This module implements the base for the integration with the payment gateway Webpay from Transbank with Drupal. This payment method is (or almost) the only method available in Chile that supports both credit card and debit card (Redcompra). 2 034
49 DocBinder Module
DocBinder is an extension of the original ZipCart module by xurizaemon. This module allows users to collect file attachments from a site and download all in one zipped file. 955
50 Honey Drops Theme